Monday, February 15, 2010

More Travel = More Jewelry

I recently returned from my annual adventures through the SW with 3 "sisters" of 30 years.

We gab, eat, drive, laugh, play games for money, eat, gab, eat. Did I mention gab & eat? BUT I always lug my jewelry tools, beading board, & packets of "project components" I've prepared ahead of time. Driving in a car at least 20 hours in 10 days leaves much time to make jewelry while gabbing, laughing, & munching in the back seat with my pillow table in my lap.

So I've officially begun the Spring-Summer Collection of 2010, and if some creations have a SW "feel," now you know why.

Soon it's time to travel with my husband. In the next few days, I'll be preparing some jewelry projects in little ziplock baggies to take on our trip to the South & on a cruise from N.O. Once again, I'll be gabbing & eating, while keeping my hands busy with jewelry in whatever lag times exist. I wonder what Southern Influence will be seen in my next creations?

BUT even more, I wonder what I did with travel lag times before I caught the Jewelry-Making Bug?

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