Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life with a Man from Mars

Last night, flush with excitement that at last(!) she had finally wrapped 3 perfect silver wire bubbles into her new round earrings, she entered the bedroom. He sat glued to the chair staring at the History Channel. "Rattattattattattattat" blared through the speakers. She started to speak, but the Man-Brain was honed in on the fire power of the Gatling machine gun. She was invisible, standing 6" away from his chair. On & on the gun blasted -- first at a lineup of large watermelons (heads?), then at a perfectly good 1980 car, transformed within 1 minute into a shriveled blob of metal, smoking. With a tap on the shoulder of Man-Brain, she screamed, "Greg" to compete with the Gatling."What!" he yelled back............. "rattattattat"............... Realizing she couldn't possibly explain the asthetic of the beautiful sterling bubbles on the earrings or the 3 hours of frustration curving those circles just so to achieve Victory Over Metal. It was all too beautiful for Gatling guns. She quietly left the room & returned to the comforting clutter of Her Shop.