Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Size Matters

 AMAZING REVELATION: I've actually begun to enjoy the chore of photographing my jewelry-- after 5 years! Having a signature look that I rather like has helped a lot-- a close-up picture of a jewelry item placed on a blank, black background that's slightly reflective. I hope this gives my online Etsy & Zibbet shops a clean, uncluttered appearance. However, (1) I have not yet achieved this look, as Monique the Mannequin makes frequent appearances, & (2) I have not yet learned to take close-ups that also offer a sense of the item's size. For example, the top-most pic of both items shown here is a "featured picture" in both shops, but a visitor might wonder if the "3 Rays on Green" pendant is bigger than her head!

Unfortunately online shoppers don't always read descriptions & measurements. My current strategy is to use a prop in the secondary (thumbnail) pictures for each item in my shops. These prop pictures may be useful, but they're not especially attractive. (NOTE the Sharpie & the cup props.) I worry that a shopper in a hurry might leave my website of huge-looking items without even checking the thumbnails for size perspective. How do you handle this issue with your close-up product pictures? What attractive prop would offer perspective on size without detracting from my look? I'd really value your suggestions & feedback. Just post Comments below. Thank you!!!