Sunday, September 22, 2013

Creative Booster Shot

2013 has been a year of decisions & change for me in my 7th year making jewelry. The evolution has been swift-- from beading to wirework to metalwork, always with the goal of creating something beautiful that was/is either quirky or "different." But originality, one-of-a-kind, & handmade would remain fundamental to my satisfaction with myself & the creative process!

Beaded- Turquoise
Metal Work- Etching
Wire Work- Sterling Studs

However, the well went dry. I seemed to be drifting into other interests. I took a mental vacation from creating jewelry. Dreaming new jewelry designs became rare. I decided I needed to take my skills in new directions. So after much research, I enrolled in 2 intensive classes with 2 different masters of the craft:
Thanks to these 2 classes, I'm dreaming jewelry again! There aren't enough hours in the day:) Stay tuned...

COLOR- metal
3D- metals