Thursday, March 18, 2010

Planes, Ships, Trains & Jewelry Tools

It's a strange, new world since Nine-Eleven, with inconveniences we've learned to expect... on planes. I always travel with "project baggies" -- ziplocks with all the components to make each jewelry creation I envision, PLUS a ton of the jewelry tools allowed by TSA. I've learned the hard way what's allowed. But a recent cruise taught me new lessons about carrying my tools on cruise ships... at least my NCL cruise ship.

Here are some tips I've learned:


  • Read my detailed post about tools in carry-on. You'll enjoy the surprises!
  • It helps to warn the x-ray screener that your carry-on contains tools for your jewelry projects.
  • Always keep a printout of the TSA rules in your carry-on, just in case.
  • Hammers of any length are not allowed in carry-ons. Pack hammer & oversized tools in your checked bags.

ON CRUISE SHIPS (at least NCL's Spirit):

  • Suspicious tools in ALL baggage (checked or carry-on) will be flagged.
  • Checked bag: Porters take everyone's checked baggage to a screening area &, if ok, will deliver to your room hours later. If not ok, checked bag will be flagged, & you'll get a notice to wait in a long line to personally go through your bag with a screener. You'll miss a pingpong tournament & welcome-aboard cocktails. My long-handled, round-tipped metal scissors triggered the notice, but were approved when we examined the baggage together.
  • Carry-on bag: Examined in your presence & tools discussed immediately when boarding ship. Tools deemed unsafe will be removed, tagged, & returned at end of cruise.
  • SUGGESTION: Before boarding ship, re-pack baggage from your plane trip this way==> Put ALL jewelry tools in your carry-on so they can be discussed as you're screened to board the ship. Saves hours of precious fun-time.

ON TRAINS: To be determined:) I hope to make such a trip one day.

By the way, I sold TWO necklaces while creating them in the sunshine on deck, gliding through teal waters of the Caribbean & singing to myself as the band played Marley's "One Love. One World."

Happy travels!