Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fun with Photography

If you've read my blog posts before, you know how many challenges photography pose to my micro-jewelry business. However, you can't begin to imagine how much TIME I spend at this task. Photographing my grandkids is no longer the toughest pics I must take!! Capturing the sparkle, color, and essence of jewelry in a way that engages online Etsy customers who see rows of pictures little more than 1" square -- well, that's a challenge!! My mission for the last many, many months has been to establish my own unique look to my page of pictures, another level of challenge. So my look is evolving. But I did have FUN FUN FUN with the latest earring creations because they lend themselves to unique staging.

They can stand up on their own! They can even roll over:)

I call these earrings Frosty Popsicles. The colors bring back such a strong memory of my childhood in New Orleans ... playing outside with the neighborhood kids in 90 degree heat!... hearing the approaching bells of the ice cream man... hoping my mom could spare a few cents for a popsicle. I can almost taste those popsicles. They came in all the colors of these earrings.

Hopefully my evolving photographic skills & techniques will help the viewer see & feel my art as I do.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blog Survives Major Surgery By Novice

You've got the right blog. Please stick around. Here's how it happened...

I felt SPRING coming on. And that put a smile on my face as I remembered 2 big events that occurred 35 years ago as Seattle newcomers on our first sunny day after 5 months of Seattle rain. (1) My first major traffic snarl, which I learned was know as "a sunshine slowdown." (2) With an unimpressed grunt, I waited in that snarl. Finally I looked around & for the first time saw glorious mountains in all directions! Yes, "the mountains were out! Sunshine slowdown... Ah Ha!" That made total sense. I had become a Seattleite in that very instant.

So now that we've had 7 days of beautiful weather, sunshine slowdowns, mountains out on all sides, PLUS clean, crisp, cool air & sky, I'm inspired to clean up. No, I don't mean my house, Silly! But I did give this blog a make-over. I even copied the new banner from 1 of my online stores, Seattle Bead Creations, to brighten up this blog. I hope you like it.

WARNING: I might even fiddle with html, hoping to expand the width of the post area. I hate all the wasted margin space. HELP: If anyone can tell me what specific code to change to cut both side margins in half so the post area is wider, I'm more than willing. I really don't know much about html code, but having reached the Age of Wisdom, I'm fearless.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Have You Seen This Man?

A fellow Seattle-Etsy artist hasn't seen her husband since Wednesday when he didn't return home from work. His young family (2 youngsters & pregnant wife Christine) is frantic, as this is totally out of character. His car was found yesterday. Though this has been widely publicized in all Seattle area papers & local TV, here is an opportunity for individuals like you & me to spread the word & pray & support in every possible way his young family. Here are a few ideas: Please post his picture on your website, send a message of support to Christine & kids on the Frapper map, & pray for the safe return of this fine young man. Click on this link to a site supporting the search efforts -- The family will be grateful for whatever you can do to help!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Please Vote: White vs Color Background

I really need your help! After 7 months selling my jewelry creations online in my Etsy store, I've evolved from colored backdrops for my jewelry to all white. During this evolution, I've spent literally hundreds & hundreds of hours taking pictures, re-taking pictures, loading them into my PC, & cleaning them up using Photoshop Elements. Yet it's unclear to me which background strategy is more effective in drawing a shopper into my store for closer looks. I would really appreciate your help. Please view page 1 of my Etsy listings VS page 2 & take 1 of 2 Photo Surveys on the right. NOTE: If you're viewing my pictures on a Mac, take the Mac survey. PC users take the PC survey. Why? On PCs images appear more vivid than on a Mac. This fact is the wild card. I hate wild cards :)If you have any specific suggestions or comments re my white vs color strategies, please click on the "Comment" below this post & talk to me. I'd be so grateful for the help.

"Etsy Teams" are groups of local Etsy artisans who encourage & support each other. Teams from around the globe can choose to receive a sister team. Please enjoy the beautiful printed card stock by Modern Printed Matter, from our sister team in Rhode Island. Sleek & sophisticated, beautifully packaged & photographed!