Saturday, September 22, 2012

How My "Klutz Collection" Came to Be

This sad saga, starts on January 1, 2012...

New Year's Resolution for 2012- Get more balance in my life, lose weight, exercise -- The Usual. So I cut back on obsessive jewelry making, played Duplicate Bridge more regularly, joined my husband in 9-holes of golf occasionally, lost a few pounds, & planned to start that Exercise Program... "soon."

August Brainstorm: Go fly fishing in New Zealand  (<== video link) this December- #1 on my Bucket List... and throw in a visit to Australia "since it's so close." That serious physical challenge would motivate me to accomplish my Exercise Program! I had 3 months to turn this body into Fabulous Fisherwoman Awesomeness!

August 26: BUT instead I flew over 2 rough stone slab steps, landing on my knees hard. Pretty bloody, but nothing seemed broken!

September 3: Then after 9-holes of golf, I could barely walk on R heel!

Medical Verdict: I'm still the klutz I always was. Plantar Fasciitis in R heel & possible bone bruise L knee.

Treatment: PT sessions & full-time $ensible $hoes.

Decision Time: Will I heal in time to do my Exercise Program & regain my strength for this rigorous trip? Is trip Go or No Go? Will trip insurance pay us if  No Go? I'm setting end of Sept as Decision Time on the trip. Indecision is the hardest part for me...

Therapy: Meanwhile, I'm wearing my new, high-tech, $ensible $hoes "all day" as ordered, doing my foot & leg stretches, & getting PT twice/week. BUT the new Klutz Collection I'm starting to post in SeattleChic, my Etsy store, is keeping me sane & makes me smile. (Sneak peek below:) Besides, when I'm feeling most pathetic & sorry for myself, I realize that many people have far worse problems to deal with. If necessary my Bucket List can wait another year.