Friday, February 19, 2010

Can a Real Woman Compete with Monique?

Proud of my latest metalwork creation (Triquetra), I couldn't wait to wear it to my favorite card club, where I see many loyal local customers each week & sometimes sell jewelry right off my body. (Marketing takes many forms:) I received 3 eye-popping Wowzas from 3 new admirers at the game. The next morning an email arrived from 1 of the women, wanting to buy Triquetra for her daughter's birthday.

So as I now wrap & kiss goodbye my newest favorite creation, I question again the most effective way to market my jewelry online==> with pictures of Monique the Mannequin OR pictures of the human variety. Monique's figure is beyond reproach, and she never complains about holding a pose. The potential human model can't seem to stay still, can't get her body under the daylight lamps while snapping the picture, and can't hold up a strapless dress. However, she does work cheap. Plus in Real Life, ordinary women do seem to enjoy the jewelry her 5'7" imperfect body wears...

I vote for Monique. As the photographer, I've finally learned to position the 2 light cones with daylight bulbs focused just about right on Monique as she poses 24/7 on her table. Besides, I think all of us mortal woman enjoy fantasizing that the svelte, (plaster) model wearing my jewelry in the website could be her, with just a little dietary tweaking.

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Sue Waters said...

Good to know you had a great trip- and back to working on your jewelry. I love seeing the new work- the evolution of your lines is fascinating to observe. From reading your "passion" come through the description of your process and end product- the result of all the "wowzazs" you received then selling it validates that when something is created with love and/or passion, the product is extra special. Stay in your element Cheryl. Love, Sue- the creative friend on the westside.