Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't Forget to Pack Your Passion

I confess. I really don't need an excuse to pack my jewelry paraphernalia when I travel. So here I go again, loaded with the beading tools allowed in carry-on baggage & the disallowed in my checked bag. I've got about 5 hours sitting each way at airports or on plane PLUS about 15 hours driving around the SW laughing & gabbing with 3 girlfriends of 30 years PLUS about 15 hours of downtime when I'm not with my 3 "sisters." That adds up to a lot of new beaded jewelry to include in my 2011 Spring Collection. The biggest challenge before leaving is to package each beading project in ziplocks, while remembering to bring all the wire, crimps, & legal tools required. Oh, and my clothes! Off I go again:)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cruising with Beads

I was supposed to be fully recovered from major surgery by the time the Caribbean cruise on NCL's Epic was scheduled. But Mother Nature has her own ideas, right? The doctor said I could do the cruise, but without any of the water fun around me -- no ocean, no hot tubs or pools, & worst of all NO WILD WATER SLIDES!


I packed up an extra large supply of new beads, all my tools that TSA approves for flights & cruises, & sat where I could SEE the water slides. It might not have been the most fun I could have on a cruise, but it was the most productive:) PLUS several cruisers talked me out of some of my creations for money. Not bad!

MORAL: Clouds might have silver linings after all!