Thursday, January 21, 2010

Imagine "One Perfect Day"

If you could design One Perfect Day lasting as long as necessary, what would you do?

My day would be about 48 hours long, I'd be A LOT YOUNGER with the energy to relive a few amazing events in my life:

1) FLY FISHING: The day was warm but the water still cool, the sky overcast, & a light ripple on the small lake. No one on the lake but me. I quietly kicked toward the shore in my float tube with lightweight fly rod rigged with my very own rendition of a dragonfly. The real ones were flying low over the bubbly scum near the shore. I decided to false-cast my fly low over the water, too. Suddenly a fat 20" rainbow jumped 12" out of the water & snapped my dragonfly! I'd love to say I landed him, thanked him, & let him go. But I was so startled, I jerked the line, broke it, & kissed away the fish & my Magic Fly. BUT on my imaginary Perfect Day, I'd catch that Big One!

2) RACING: We were racing our 19' open sailboat (a Lightning) on a windy day in English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Suddenly Greg at the helm steered onto a wave approaching from behind & the boat lurched forward like a racehorse at the starting gun. We surfed the wave as the 3 of us arched backwards over the side to keep the boat flat. I held on tight to the spinnaker line, letting the huge sail fill with each gust, wrapping my legs tighter around the strap. Our 3 heads nearly touched the water as the boat skimmed the surface. I remember feeling The PERFECT BALANCE OF POWER between Nature & Human Skill==> the Lightning literally surfed each following wave, then flew over the water's surface until the next wave. A thrill impossible to describe.

3) DUPLICATE BRIDGE: In a tournament near Tacoma, our 4some team had beaten the first 2 teams we'd played! Now we feared the Peter Principle, as we'd no doubt risen to the level of our incompetence. We greeted our new opponents as they sat at our table to play , Fred Fred Gittleman (a nationally renowned duplicate bridge player) and The Bill... yes, Bill Gates! Fortunately partner & I did not embarrass ourselves & really enjoyed playing against these polite, charming opponents! But we couldn't see who Bill's teammates were across the room playing against our 2 teammates. At the end of the round, all of us rejoined our own teammates to compare scores, but our teammates were green from defeat. They were shocked to learn WE had just played against The Fred & The Bill!! But we were all shocked to learn that the mystery opponents that skunked our teammates were Warren Buffet & Sharon Osberg (both fantastic players)! That will always be the highlight of my bridge life.

4) GREMLINS: At the end of my One Perfect Day, having energy to spare (Yes, this must be fiction!), I'd return home to await a visit from Vivi & Miles. The door bell would ring & ring & ring along with some persistent, lightweight knocking. I'd open the door & 2 pairs of open arms would embrace me.... "Grandma! Grandma!" The best words in the English language.

WHAT PERFECT DAY WOULD YOU RELIVE? We'd love to read it:)!

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