Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Artist" VS "Crafter"

I've always been a practical, logical, Type A person, but after "retirement," discovered one surprising brain cell that was artsy. Since then my world has changed. I am now an old dog learning & loving new tricks! But am I an "artist"? Frankly I've spent little time philosophizing about the definition of an "artist." I'd rather just make my jewelry as well as I can. I certainly would love that title & will work hard to earn it one day.

But tonight as I was saying good-bye to friends invited to my party, I received a beautifully wrapped item from my new & instant friend Sue "to open later." Over the year I've known her, I've witnessed her passion for "crafting" (her term) & admired her creations... products of a life-long love for every form of creativity ==> photography, knitting, quilting, felting, writing... you-name-it! I am in awe of such people. When I later opened this stunning silk-felting neck scarf from Sue, I realized that she is not a "crafter," but an "Artist." Does she Sell? Market? Do Craft Shows? Have an Art Degree? Work As An Artist In Her Past? NO to all these questions. But she's an Artist.

Too bad she hasn't shared the beauty of her work with the world, but I'm honored & overjoyed that she shared it with me! If you know as little about silk felting as I know, click this helpful blog.

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