Sunday, January 3, 2010

There's Help & UN-help!

When you own a small business, you certainly must be grateful for any & all help. There aren't enough hours in a day for 1 person to do everything--designing, purchasing, marketing, online site development & maintenance, craft shows, bookkeeping, tax filing, making the jewelry, OH and saying hello to spouse, family, friends, PLUS SLEEPING! So I'm incredibly grateful for advice on marketing, photography, online sites, fashion trends, etc. One of my most persistent advisors even draws some designs for me! (Picture Grandma with a big, warm smile right now!) Vivian is only 6, but presents her ideas in GREAT detail, as you can see.

Then there's Miles, my 3-yr-old Weapon of Mass Destruction. He represents UN-help. Too bad he is fascinated with tools, especially MY tools. I thought he was taking a nice loooong nap next to my jeweler's bench... until I heard some small clunking sounds. The awful vision that popped into my mind's eye proved true: He had removed ALL my tools (half of them had just arrived as a Christmas present from me to me) & had lined them up in various places all around the room. Some places were so small that Grandma could no longer fit to get them!

Let me say 2 things about that "help" -- 1) Miles heard a tone in my voice he'd never heard before (suspect the neighbors heard it, too, AND 2) I still haven't found my favorite file or my sweet 2-in-1 rouge cloth. UGH!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great detail indeed! I like the boobies... that's my girl. and what is Miles supposed to do "napping" in a room full of cool tools? Guess you didn't have a boy. I love the pictures... -L

Anonymous said...

What creative and adorable grandchildren you have!! Think of all the creativity hiding in Miles as he hid your tools. I'm sure he will be helpful someday!!

G and W

Civy said...

Hmmm...I might have to agree with Laurie on that one...would be like me putting a bunch of fajitas in a room with Boudreaux and shutting the door...=) I love the pics of Vivi!