Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jewelry Supplies -- Take Them or Leave Them?

I've got a husband of 41 years, a dear daughter & son-in-law, & their 2 special gremlins- ages 6 & 3. Greg & I are heading to the Methow Valley to spend Christmas with them. En route, we will celebrate our 41st anniversary in 2 lovely B & B's, nestled in tall evergreens & snow-covered mountains...

So how sick am I to want to bring along my jewelry-making supplies for those "down times"? What will I do when my hands aren't busy creating something for 6 days?

What did I do with mind & hands 3 years ago BEFORE I adopted this obsession?

Wish me luck, as I have no idea which decision I'll make tomorrow. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL:)


julia said...

How on earth could a Grandma like you have "time on her hands" with those babies around!?! I bet they are all over you from the second their feet hit the floor in the morning! I hope you had a great trip :)

Cheryl Z said...

Oh, you are so right to wonder! I am guilty: I took the tools & am glad I did. At least 5 hours of driving each way = a lot of beading & wire-art... plus a few beads hiding under the car seat. Then 1 night my clan went out with friends... another 3 hours for jewelry. Otherwise I was happily wrapped in arms & sloppy kisses:) WONDERFUL! Julia, I hope your holiday was special, too:)