Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Drives YOUR Designs?

I'm very lucky that jewelry design is not my family's meal ticket or bill-paying resource. With those burdens, I'd be a very different designer than I am now. I cheer on artists in that position & applaud their courage & success. However, I like to make what I like to make-- what pleases me. Savvy marketeers must cringe at that statement. But jewelry design is not my career. It's my passion. I'm just lucky that what pleases me also pleases some women within my target market -- a subset of women 25-50 years young -- women who want something "different," yet pretty... maybe even quirky or funny. When a shopper at a craft show says, "Wow! Your work is so different with a variety of 'looks,' " I'm in heaven! Mission Accomplished:)

Here are some creations that drew those comments, PLUS a sneak peek at new designs for my holiday shows:

Quirky, Funny Designs

Every-day, Classy, Elegant Designs

Artsy Designs

WHAT DRIVES YOUR DESIGNS? That's both a personal & business decision for each of us, but I'd love to know. Feel free to "Comment" below this post.


Abracadebra Designs said...

I know what you mean about making what you want instead of what you think will sell. Even better that others like what you make enough to buy it, especially in this ecomomy. P.S. I agree with your customers, you have got some great designs there.

Cheryl Z said...

Thanks, Debbie! I hope there are many artists who create from their passions, yet can fully support themselves. Maybe the term "Starving Artist" will become obsolete one day. HAHA! BTW: I included your Flag earrings in my Happy Birthday USA post:) Your work is lovely:)