Saturday, August 27, 2011


I've begun to appreciate the importance of Social Media tools to market my creations online!

So I'm now on Twitter & Facebook in addition to 3 online stores- Zibbet, Etsy, & my main store ClassicBeadwear.

MY IMMEDIATE GOAL is to push Fan count on Facebook over 100. I'm almost there! Want to help out & get a big Thank You from me? Just click HERE to see my Fan Page, then click LIKE at the top. You'll benefit in 2 ways--

1. You'll always get a sneak peek at my latest, original jewelry designs.
2. You'll participate in Seattle Chic's 1st sale ever-- 50% OFF SALE on over 70 wonderful items when my Fan Count reaches 100. SALE ENDS 9/16/11, so bump Fan count over 100 soon & enjoy more time to shop!  U.S. SHIPPING ONLY.

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Sandra's Fiberworks said...

social media was my new year's resolution -- so I set up a website, facebook page, twitter, etc and a blog. I love blogging most of all; I find selling on line very difficult, but do enjoy the social part of it all! am going to go like your fb page now~