Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photography- Frustrations

HELP! I've been taking hundreds of new pics for my new Etsy shop with its New Black Look. I re-take & edit pics until the (1) item & its colors look as realistic as possible & (2) the item "pops" against the black background.
Last night, when seeking comments in the Etsy forum, someone said that "my pics were too dark & hard to see"...
...which brings me back to my tenuous relationship with my favorite geeky toy VS what YOU see on your computer?

PLEASE HELP save me by clicking the "Comments" link below & answer these questions:
1. Are ALL the pics clear & easy to see in Gallery mode? (HINT: On Seattle Chic's home page, click "gallery" in the small link "view:gallery/link")
2. If not, which specific pics have problems?
3. Viewing on Mac or PC?
4. What operating system?
5. What Browser?
6. Do you know your screen resolution? (In Windows: Rgt click on screen, then Properties, then Settings for "screen resolution".)
6. Any insights on how I can produce pics that look good on BOTH OUR SCREENS?

I have a PC, Windows XP Pro, and use Internet Explorer. My screen resolution is very high==> 1280x1024 pixels.
To edit I use either Photoshop Elements (very old version) OR Picasa. Thanks for your help!!!

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julia said...

I can't remember the questions now that they've gone away (Sr moment, I guess) BUT...

I love the black background! It looks really rich to me. Not too dark, using Firefox. That's all I can remember. I got away from the black background that I used for years because I was getting the same feedback you are.