Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update- Jewelry Exposed :)

By cutting back my online activities (see post below), I have more time to make jewelry, which is my joy. LOTS OF JEWELRY! And more opportunities to take classes. It's been a period of discovery & growth. Beading has evolved into wire-art and metal-art jewelry. So I'm finding a happier life-balance where there's time for creating because I'm trading most online marketing for face-to-face wholesaling to boutiques, plus selling at local craft shows when they fit into my schedule. Despite the economic downturn, I'm very grateful & honored by the opportunities that have opened up for me. So besides my 2 websites (Classic Beadwear and Seattle Bead Creations, my Etsy site), look for me locally at upcoming craft shows and stores carrying my jewelry.

AT CRAFT SHOWS, you'll notice Monique, my tireless, uncomplaining, and very coooool employee pictured below. Everyone knows Monique :) Though I have TWO BUSINESS NAMES ==> Classic Beadwear ... Seattle Bead Creations, both offer the same high quality metalwork, wirework, and beaded jewelry. I'll maintain a list of my shows on the right.

MY BOUTIQUES-- I'm proud to recommend these wonderful merchants who sell a selection of my one-of-a-kind jewelry:

a) PW Kerr's -- 612 W. McGraw St., Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, 206-285-2467. Penn carries a gorgeous, eclectic collection of hand-picked objets d'art, including handmade purses, wonderful table centerpieces, lamps, mirrors, paintings, jewelry, & much more! It's a welcoming, lovely store, exquisitely arranged.

b) Avenue Arts -- 1621 Queen Anne Avenue N., Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, 206-281-0054. Joan's gift store is part of Queen Anne Frame. She sells a nice assortment of medium-priced gifts, including attractive paper products, candles, jewelry and more.

c) Laura Bee Designs -- 6418 20th Avenue NW, Ballard area in Seattle, 206-789-4044. Laura's shop specializes in custom-made purses & satchels. Our daughter ordered one with pictures of the grandchildren on the fabric! Laura sells modestly-priced accessories as well, including jewelry.

d) Salon Pecoaro -- 722 Market St, Kirkland, WA, 425-828-4959. A terrific hair salon. Ask for Nancy Wessman, my favorite hair stylist ever. Beautiful haircuts, reasonably priced! You'll find a selection of accessories as well, including purses & jewelry.

And THANK YOU to the incredibly loyal folks who've continued to support my efforts down the path of jewelry design.


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Thanks for letting us know the shops where your jewelry can be seen. MLT