Monday, April 28, 2008

Evolution -- The Artistic Kind

I'm still evolving. In my 5th year as an aspiring jewelry artist, I still find every medium I've tried a compelling challenge, full of surprises. Frankly, these are the experiences that motivate me to continue experimenting. When I'm really "in the zone," I go to bed reluctantly, obsessing over ways to solve some technical challenge with implimenting my design. Often the solultion appears in a dream... really! Many brainstorms, sending me off in a completely new direction, were born in my sleep.


At this point in my evolution as an artist, I might work seriously one week with stones, another with metalsmithing, another with wire-art. How can I develop one signature look about my art? Do CUSTOMERS want variety OR one signature "look" from a Jewelry Artist? I sense that the ART COMMUNITY wants a signature look.

Furthermore, my art really reflects who I've been all my life -- seeking, learning, branching out, evolving. This is my 4th "career" & I've loved them all with passion.

ONE look? It's not who I am...

A look back follows...

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