Friday, April 25, 2008

Are You Ready for May 11?

Just in case May 11 isn't ringing alarm bells in your head, it's Mother's Day. Maybe you are the mother in question. If you're in the Seattle area, mark your calendars now for a unique opportunity ON MAY 10 to buy a special treat for yourself, a mother figure in your life, and even your kids (You wouldn't be a mother without them :) Puget Sound Indie Arts, the group of Seattle independent artists to which I belong, is hosting its Spring Arts & Crafts Show in Edmonds, WA. Not only will you see a fine selection of handmade products by local artists, but the 50 earliest arrivals will receive free, valuable gift bags! One additional gift bag per hour will also be awarded. These are not bags of plastic trinkets, but beautiful handmade fabric bags filled with our artist's handmade products!

Please find a copy of the official announcement. Feel free to share it with friends, but be sure you arrive before they do!


Rosalie said...

be there or live without a swag bag!

Original Cyn Studios said...

Looking forward to seeing you there! No one will want to miss the gift bags -They are awesome!