Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blog Survives Major Surgery By Novice

You've got the right blog. Please stick around. Here's how it happened...

I felt SPRING coming on. And that put a smile on my face as I remembered 2 big events that occurred 35 years ago as Seattle newcomers on our first sunny day after 5 months of Seattle rain. (1) My first major traffic snarl, which I learned was know as "a sunshine slowdown." (2) With an unimpressed grunt, I waited in that snarl. Finally I looked around & for the first time saw glorious mountains in all directions! Yes, "the mountains were out! Sunshine slowdown... Ah Ha!" That made total sense. I had become a Seattleite in that very instant.

So now that we've had 7 days of beautiful weather, sunshine slowdowns, mountains out on all sides, PLUS clean, crisp, cool air & sky, I'm inspired to clean up. No, I don't mean my house, Silly! But I did give this blog a make-over. I even copied the new banner from 1 of my online stores, Seattle Bead Creations, to brighten up this blog. I hope you like it.

WARNING: I might even fiddle with html, hoping to expand the width of the post area. I hate all the wasted margin space. HELP: If anyone can tell me what specific code to change to cut both side margins in half so the post area is wider, I'm more than willing. I really don't know much about html code, but having reached the Age of Wisdom, I'm fearless.

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