Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fun with Photography

If you've read my blog posts before, you know how many challenges photography pose to my micro-jewelry business. However, you can't begin to imagine how much TIME I spend at this task. Photographing my grandkids is no longer the toughest pics I must take!! Capturing the sparkle, color, and essence of jewelry in a way that engages online Etsy customers who see rows of pictures little more than 1" square -- well, that's a challenge!! My mission for the last many, many months has been to establish my own unique look to my page of pictures, another level of challenge. So my look is evolving. But I did have FUN FUN FUN with the latest earring creations because they lend themselves to unique staging.

They can stand up on their own! They can even roll over:)

I call these earrings Frosty Popsicles. The colors bring back such a strong memory of my childhood in New Orleans ... playing outside with the neighborhood kids in 90 degree heat!... hearing the approaching bells of the ice cream man... hoping my mom could spare a few cents for a popsicle. I can almost taste those popsicles. They came in all the colors of these earrings.

Hopefully my evolving photographic skills & techniques will help the viewer see & feel my art as I do.

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