Sunday, January 6, 2008

Help! The Other Cheryl Escaped From the Attic

I don't know what caused the disruption in the world space where I live -- maybe the new year? a weird alignment of the stars & planets? a case of the crud that's had me house-bound for 9 days & counting? But there's someone impersonating me today. I'm certain. She picked up my needle-nose pliers & expensive Lindstrom cutters, just as I do. She took beads & wire from my very own roll-around storage drawers. She turned on my recordings of the Monk re-runs that I love (I've seen them all 3 times). Then her hands started working just like mine. What resulted is certainly a mystery to me.

This is Bella, the first in a series of Zany Ladies, which will appear in my 2 shops ( and whenever the Cheryl impersonator escapes from the attic. (Who let her out, anyway?!) Each Lady comes complete with a name, personality, and a set of features, more or less, and an Official Letter of Introduction. One might even identify with the personality described OR consider it the personality she'd like to be OR the personality she is afraid of becoming! I'll have a don't ask, don't tell policy on the motive for buying any of the Ladies! Meanwhile I've had fun watching the Cheryl impersonator escape for awhile.

QUESTIONS: Is is wise to let the locked up Cheryl run loose with this brainstorm? If so, should this new product line be part of the real Cheryl's online stores? or a new, separate store? I don't know the answers to these question, but I expect to learn this lesson the hard way. I hope it works!

Both Cheryls hope your New Year is off to a great start.

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