Saturday, June 1, 2013


4 MONTHS!!  My last post was really end of January?!! ... and I'm not dead???

  • The annual girlfriend trip took half of February.
  • Then washing, paying bills, & organizing self took other half of February.
  • Thinking about all the fun we had took a few days.
  • Began Serious Diet.
QUESTION: So how does Serious Diet explain vacation from Blogger?

ANSWER: I have absolutely no idea- but since I stopped blogging & tweeting, I've lost 24 pounds & counting...


BUT hopefully the New Cheryl will be able to balance health with online howdies & making jewelry:) We'll see!


Cheryl Z said...

Cathryn- HEY YOU!! Glad you found me:) You're right: Dieting = Suffering, but the rewards of feeling better are worth it, right?! Big Help: A good friend wanted to lose weight, too. So I suggested that we MUST report to each other via email every night describing our day's exercise & diet, complete with cals! I hate to fail, esp if someone else knows it. So this is the first technique that has worked for me EVER!! Congrats to you both for your progress in returning to a good, healthy weight, Cathryn. And glad you found my blog. I enjoy writing it, sometimes too much.

Cheryl Z said...

OH MAN!!! I accidently Deleted your Comment, Cathryn :( SOOO Sorry!! Let's blame my stupidity on dieting. Yep... Definitely!!