Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An Artist-Gremlin Emerges

Miles (6), Vivian (9), Gus (3)
Greg & I enjoy the magic in our lives -- watching as our 3 gremlins (ages 9, 6, & 3) grow, evolve, & develop into little characters with unique likes, quirks, talents, & personalities. Then when we're exhausted from all that magic, we can leave them with our daughter & son-in-law & retreat to our quiet home to recover. It's the best of all worlds:)

By age 3, Vivi's favorite pastime was drawing. During "overnights" with us, she was clearly the early bird. We quickly learned to place papers & colored pens on the table so poor Grandma could sleep another 2 hours. Some of her creations are memorable. My Box of Treasures includes Vivi's jewelry design suggestions for me, created in GREAT detail at age 6. (Hint: You'll laugh IF you click on these masterpieces!)

Our emerging artist is now 9. Last Sunday Vivi received an award from Seattle's school superintendent as 1 of 12 finalists in Visual Arts for her drawing "Finding Flower Fairies." Then with a stage presence that floored us all, she stood at a mic before at least 75 parents to explain the inspiration for her drawing -- how she likes to build "fairy houses" & place them in the woods around their vacation home in the mountains, hoping to "catch a fairy." WOW! We were so proud of her drawing & her composure (!). But the drawing I received for Christmas is my absolute favorite. Her class was studying Klimt (Yes, 3rd graders!). Then the students were asked to draw a picture of themselves. Instead she drew all 3 gremlins-- separate, yet one. Our daughter had a copy of the picture made for us. Soon it will hang on our wall in The Place of Honor. "3 Gremlins" wins my award hands-down!

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