Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Artistic Background Noise

What's in the background when you're creating your art? Music- classical or rock? Dead silence? Active chat with friends? TV?

My work has 2 phases- design & doing. For the Design Phase, I need dead silence. I'm solving problems or pulling a brainstorm out by its roots & can't handle any distractions OR -- poof -- it's gone. When the design & all engineering problems are solved in my head, then the Doing Phase usually means busy hands & relaxed brain. My ears & brain can handle "The Closer," "The Middle," "Modern Family," "House," "The Office," & "American Idol." Yes, I'll miss crazy, brilliant House & the dangerous Southern sweetness of Brenda Lee Johnson. Help! What's a good substitute for these 2 great characters?!

On the other hand, I lose the creative use of my eyes & therefore my hands during 2 favorite dance shows- "Dancing with the Stars" & "So You Think You Can Dance" AND during designer shows like "Project Runway." My hands & beads must wait for the commercials, so I don't get much done.

I expect I'll be beading a lot as the presidential candidates face-off this fall. I don't need to watch. I know their voices well. Hearing will keep me mentally glued while my hands work in frustration, panic, fear, or what?! I wonder how that jewelry will look?

I should start writing down which TV shows I watched to create
which jewelry! I suspect the variety- from Quirky to Funny to Artsy to Dark
to Classic - probably tells you a lot about my TV habits:)

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