Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday USA!

It's been a week of frustrations==>  printer broke, my Facebook got corrupted, Hotmail quit listing all my email addresses on 1 page, Windows 7 failed THREE times to reboot (Where did I put those Rescue Disks?!), and my beautiful lawn got "mud freckles" wherever I burned it with fertilizer. I missed a lot of sleep this week trying to fix these problems. I was not a Happy Camper & my husband steered clear.

Last night while fretting over computer mysteries as approaching-midnight made my sour mood worse, I heard a series of loud booms. It was the first fireworks for July 4th. It shocked me out of my narrow, fretful focus. Oh, July 4th! Could I put the list of frustrations aside for 24 hours, long enough to be grateful for my life in this country? Could I focus on how blessed we Americans are?
  • An honorable President- whether I agree with his policies or not
  • Enough food to eat or places to get help
  • Competent medical care & free public schools
  • A wide choice of religions... OR... no religion
  • Jobs, though more scarce. Again, there's help for the needy
  • Laws enforced without bombs aimed at a population
  • People that generally respect the law & justice system.
  • Freedom to say, read, & write what we want
  • No major earthquakes, tsunamis, revolutions, crazy dictator/killers, nuclear melt-downs.

This seemed like a good time for Cheryl to stop whining long enough to be grateful for her life. So I compiled a few creations from fellow artists on & on, who obviously thought about July 4th long before I did! Hope you enjoy my selections. I'm feeling better now, ready to go to bed fret-free:)

Happy Birthday to Us All

P.S. Just after the Big Booms, Windows booted successfully on the FOURTH attempt. Phew!


Barbra said...

I can so relate to your list and your frustrations. My internet has beendown for 28 hours, who's counting!!! Just came back...Great post.

Angie said...

To add to the list...

Thankful for the opportunity to be a small business owner, for a supportive family of my Art, and for the men & women who serve/served in the military to defend our freedoms!!

Happy Birthday U.S. of A.!!

Sue Waters said...

I love your commentary Cheryl! May the week end with less of a bang and be worthy of celebrating.
Your work is splendid, and wonderfully unique. I am amazed at your stick-to-it attitude-focused and producing gifts for the discerning woman. Me- I am too scattered and curious to settle in on one thing- not even two these days! Keep up your wonderful work and writing. Hugs, Sue

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Thank you for you lovely comment on my "Heaven" post; I was a writer before I turned weaver, and my blog is the most writing I've done in years, so it is gratifiying to know I might have an audience...and new follower here! :))