Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fresh Look for a Fresh Start


I hope you're all surviving another hectic holiday season still smiling & feeling that "your glass is at least half full":)

It's been a strange month for me. As I was gearing up for my last holiday craft show, I learned that I needed major surgery & was lucky to schedule it on Dec. 14, thankfully a week after the show. (I'm trying to view that as a glass-half-full idea:) On the good side, let's just say that surgery gives me a legit excuse to bypass ALL the holiday hubbub -- a good thing, right? But the glass-half-empty news is that my little gremlins (aged 7, 4, 8 weeks) & our daughter have taken turns being sick, so they've been off-limits to me since I learned I needed surgery. What's Christmas without kids buried under wrapping paper & bow ribbons! I'm hoping we're all well by Christmas Day for my first visit with them in a month.

Since I can't see my kids, the next best medicine is jewelry making, & I've had LOTS of time to take my "medicine." All of these pieces should be named "Recovery Therapy" & are the first entries in my 2011 Spring/Summer Collection.

For variety, I've been working on this fresh look for my blog. What do you think? Suggestions & comments always welcome. I love the concept of Fresh Starts:)

I wish for you all a Merry Christmas & a New Year full of smiles, good health, love, & optimism:) CHEERS!

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