Sunday, December 26, 2010

Exploring a Motif or Style

I strive for variety in jewelry design. Apparently this variety is unusual enough that customers comment on it often at craft shows & on my website albums. To tie such variety together, I've chosen a rich, black background for both my craft booth & my website albums. Variety keeps my artsy passion alive & challenging for me.

But sometimes a little design motif fascinates me so much that I can't let it go, which explains the recurring appearance of the "dot on a stem," for example. And, of course, this clean, spare motif requires a clean, spare design. So far, it has represented a decorative feature among wire curves, a moon near a mountain, flowers in a garden, & sprigs in a bouquet. It even appeared without the dot as cactus in my pendant High Desert. My imagination is working overtime, so I suspect you'll see the dot again. Stay tuned:)

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