Saturday, October 31, 2009

Copper + Torch = Surprises

Torching copper is like a nail-biting adventure story where the heroine (me, of course) can either conquer or go down in blazing defeat & frustration. I've found no magic formula to guarantee victory over the copper. But what the stubborn copper doesn't know is that I am just as stubborn! I'll torch, then re-sand, then torch & re-sand as many times as it takes to have that AH HA moment of victory & sweet satisfaction.

Here are my latest 2 examples, where I sanded/torched no less than 10 different times before AH HA:) I think it was worth it. PLUS my niece Courtenay (necklace- recent visit here) & daughter Laurie (pendant-Big birthday), who received these as gifts, really loved them.

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Civy said...

You have much more patience than I!!!!

Cheryl Z said...

Yes, but you're probably Normal:)