Saturday, May 3, 2008

Countdown to Edmonds PSIA Craft Show

As the countdown begins, all of us PSIA vendors (Puget Sound Indie Arts)are busy finalizing preparations for our spring Craft Show in Edmonds, WA this Saturday, May 10. What perfect timing... the day before Mother's Day! Check the official notice on the right with all the details because if you're anywhere near Seattle, it's a great opportunity to shop! You'll meet a fantastic group of local artists proud to show off their exciting handmade creations. I'll be there with my favorite one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, including the new line of all-metal jewelry -- copper, Sterling, and gold-fill. I promise to leave the propane torch at home :)

There's something for everyone at the event, and I'm proud to highlight just a few of the artists you'll meet. For the complete list, check "Edmonds PSIA Vendors" on the right & click on any name to view their online stores!

World of Whimm -- KC's world is all about kids. She is a mother with an imagination children love and sewing skills anyone would envy. Her costumes, crowns, & tiaras can transform your little gremlins from princesses to Robin Hoods, Indians, and even pigs -- adorable pigs :) Need a baby shower gift? Her handmade blankets, cuddly crib dolls, and even burp rags would make you proud. Be sure to bring your kids to enjoy KC & the imaginary World of Whimm she'll create for them!

Maluhia Designs -- Well-made with an eye for color & design in fabrics, Jonah's handmade handbags, checkbook covers, cell phone carriers, wallets ("classyfieds":), and more are a must-see for any woman OR anyone shopping for a Mother's Day gift! (I hope my family reads this post!) Yes, she makes stuff for kids, too!

I will try to highlight more vendors before the May 10 event, so please check my blog again this week. See also KC's terrific World of Whimm blog for vendors I did not cover! And stop by my Seattle Bead Creations booth to say Hello & meet my hard-working employee Monique. She'd like to model our one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry, especially the new line of metal-crafted art jewelry :)

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