Monday, November 12, 2007

A Before & After Miracle :)

For me the toughest part of selling my handcrafted jewelry online has been taking attractive pictures that appear only 1" square in our Etsy stores. Yesterday another local Etsy crafter gave me a gift that will significantly improve my photographs in those 1" squares! I took Marlo's hands-on class in Photographing Jewelry & Small Objects. We practiced 3 specific settings using our own cameras & jewelry under Marlo's guidance -- setting White Balance, Aperture, and Shutter Speed & learning how they work together to create clear, well lit pictures. She taught us how to shoot from almost eye level, giving pictures an interesting perspective. I wish I had time to re-shoot all the items in my store, but that won't happen with 2 craft fairs, a trip and the holidays galloping toward me. However, I did stay up all night re-shooting a few of the worst offenders. Besides, I wanted to play with my new skills! You'll see a few Before & After shots above & below this post, & I hope you can tell which is which! (If you can't tell the difference, should you tell me? Oh, okay! I really do want to get better, so feel free to Comment if you can't see improvement. And as a special Thank You to Marlo, I encourage you to shop her Etsy store, I Make Cute Stuff!


Kayce said...

Wow! What a difference! Great work... I especially love the new photo of the necklace.

sweetpea said...

What a huge difference in the pictures. I love the new pics,
especially the last one, it looks like two different necklaces.

Anonymous said...

A while back I remember telling you that your photographs were fantastic. Well, now after seeing these new photos, I am taking back my previous compliments. The new photographs are the ones that are fantastic. :-)


ambika said...

I am *seriously* impressed. The piece is gorgeous but that second photo is just amazing for it's appeal. Well done!