Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Time to Be Creative!

Time for change, like the dramatic change from green to orange & maroon leaves on NW trees. Time for me to get busy with what I most love to do. The last 2 weeks have been a total creativity marathon. With apologies to my blog readers, I let many routine things slide to immerse myself in the creative process. It was not entirely emotional self-indulgence, as THE FAST-APPROACHING HOLIDAYS added motivation. Ok, panic! Pre-holiday time is particularly busy for crafters.
Panic increased when I decided to try 1-2 more craft shows in Oct/Nov, hoping to tempt early Christmas shoppers. Besides, with its gorgeous colors, fall deserves its own colorful array of designer jewelry. So I've been enjoying myself. Here's a small sample of the fun I've had & the artistic inspiration found all around us in the Seattle area (when it quits raining :)
For Autumn Berries, I've been saving A-grade citrine, garnet, & topaz (2 shades) teardrop gem-stones for just the right design. Then on a clear day in late Sept, we drove through Stevens Pass & saw these beautiful colors. (photo by Don Paulson) Instant inspiration for Autumn Berries & Autumn Leaves! I'll add other new inspirations to my Etsy store every day or 2 through Oct/Nov. Life is good :)

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Lookin' good, Miz Cheryl!