Monday, August 20, 2007

Glad this monitor only sees 1 way...

Dear Readers,

I'm blushing with embarrassment & glad you can't see it. Maybe you've noticed my ever-increasing encouragement to visitors to write Comments under a post. Today I discovered that you have been commenting all along. I'm horrified to think that you've probably been wondering why I didn't post your Comments! Because I'm once again humbled by my ignorance of technology. Shortly after my first post ever, I read some forums advising bloggers to "enable comment moderation" in the Settings tab to keep spam & the ultra-weird off my blog. But I never stopped to wonder into what twilight zone Blogger would send Comments awaiting my approval. Instead I assumed no one was commenting. (So forgive me, but I do mean to "yell" the following...) BIG APOLOGIES TO ==> DOROTHY, BETH, MARLO, & DAWN for the very delayed publication of their lovely posts! An hour ago, I finally had a light-bulb moment & discovered the twilight zone containing the missing Comments, right under the "Posting" tab. Thank you all sincerely for reading my blog & especially for taking the time to Comment. OK, I won't make that mistake again. There are so many others awaiting their turn... The next post will be back on track :)

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